Thursday, December 15, 2011


Last week on my other blog I did a book review for a woman named Connie Sokol.  In her book, Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, she shared a quote that has really changed my perspective on how I fill my time.  It's in chapter six, called "Get Organized!" 

"Sister Susa Young Gates... once asked her father [Brigham Young] how it would ever be possible to accomplish the great amount of temple work that must be done, if all are given a full opportunity for exaltation.  He told her there would be many inventions of labor-saving devices, so that our daily duties could be performed in a short time, leaving us more and more time for temple work.  The inventions have come, and are still coming, but many simply divert the time gained to other channels, and not for the purpose intended by the Lord."  (-taken from CS's FFF, p.85, quoting Andrew C. Skinner, Temple Worship: 20 Truths That Will Bless Your Life (SLC: Deseret Book, 2007), p.145)  
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Leaves me speechless really.  

Wellllll, except to say that I can't get on my own case for spending hours on Nerdbook games, but I have spent hours on Nerdbook in the last few years that really could have been better spent doing more important things.  Yes, there is a time and a place, a season, etc.  But how many excuses do we give this line to, when really there ARE better priorities.  Much better uses of our time.  

I heard a lady once in church say that it really has nothing to do about time.  We have plenty of time to mess around with movies, gadgets, shopping, etc., but omitting the spiritual aspect of our lives, especially temple service, really says we just don't think it's a priority.  Ouch.  The guilty taketh the truth to be hard. 



  1. Ouch indeed! I'm thinking I've got some major reorganizing to do in 2012. Referring to your other post, maybe you can now be MY "spiritual mentor?!" Love you honay!

  2. Hahaha! I'd love to! Although I'm not sure I qualify... Love you back!!!

  3. I recently heard something that totally fits what you wrote here. In class at church the teacher challenged us to no longer say things like, "I didn't have time." He told us to tell the truth instead, which is, "I didn't make it a priority."

    I've tried this a few times since then, and I can tell you that it is quickly making me aware of how often I try to put things off that are truly important. It is also helping me to take accountability. When I can no longer make and excuse and I have to directly tell someone that I didn't do what they wanted to do because it wasn't my priority, that helps me to confront who I am and why. It helps me to live my life on purpose.


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