Friday, December 23, 2011

A Word about Mormon

I found something new while reading "The Words of Mormon" a few days ago.  He writes,

"...I searched among the records which had been delivered into my hands, and I found these plates, which contained this small account of the prophets, from Jacob down to the reign of this king Benjamin, and also many of the words of Nephi.  And the things which are upon these plates pleasing me, because of the prophecies of the coming of Christ..." (Words of Mormon 1:3-4, underline added)
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It seems clear to me, that Mormon, who was abridging hundreds, if not thousands of plates, had searched out these few books, ranging from the words of Nephi, up through where we read about Benjamin's people.  These are just a few short pages, but he found them invaluable enough to seek out among hundreds, and to include them for our use and knowledge.  There must be some pretty precious thoughts included here.

Thank you, Mormon!!!


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