Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Vibrations

Having just read a chapter from Annalee Skarin's Ye Are Gods, I wanted to share a few quotes that really impacted me. 

(Ye Are Gods, by Annalee Skarin)

In chapter 14, titled "The Substance of Eternal Elements", Annalee writes that symbols are used to represent sounds, thoughts, and ideas.  Letters represent sounds, letters make up words, represent thoughts, and thoughts represent ideas and realities.  She wrote an "a-ha" line for me:

"God claims the title of the "A" and the "Z" of the alphabet, or the "Alpha and Omega" which contains all the other letters in between and can express or contain all knowledge." (p.144) 
 Shortly thereafter she explains that someday, we will not only deal with the symbols, but the reality of what they represent.  And that reality is based upon matter, which is vibrations.  Those vibrations are based upon "the force of thought or intelligence that created the thought originally". (p.145)  I love how clearly this was explained.  

Later in the chapter, she discusses the key to maintaining high vibrations:

"Thus the admonition to worship 'God with all one's might, mind and soul and to love one's neighbor as oneself,' and to forgive one's enemies.'  These contain the keys of glory and dominion and light and life and reach beyond earth into the spiritual realm of vibration, holding the very power of reality and creation." (pp.146-147)
Not surprising is that one of the quickest downfalls to these principles are some of the things we mortals battle the most.  Annalee soon discusses the principles of self-righteousness.  One quote really hit a nerve:
"Self-righteousness is always wickedness.  It is critical.  It is bigoted.  It is un-Christlike.  It is cruel.  And surely it has no place in the highest realms of thought.  To feel self-righteous one has to feel superior to his fellow men.  He has to mentally place himself as a judge over them, and view with condemning attitude their weaknesses." (p.147)


This chapter digs deep into a vast array of related topics, but the biggest is that in the Greek version of the Bible, the word "devil" is translated to mean "accuser". (p. 148)  Time and time again, this is a tactic that the "accuser" uses to befall us.  Are there any who are immune to this sin?  Who have not been critical or unjustly accused another at some point in their lives?  

There's a way to overcome this.  Through repentance, which she describes in a new light as "the power to 'recall' the vibrations we have released in error and selfishness, through a burning desire to correct the mistakes.  It is the gift Christ gave to a world, to every human being who desires it..." (p. 152)  What a beautiful, new way to describe repentance.  She also explains the concept of what love really is: 

"Lip prayers have no meaning, send out no vibrations, and are wasted. 

Love is the ruling power in the realms of eternal light.  Love is the most powerful vibration that can possibly be released from a human heart.  Love is allied with joy and happiness and light –thus to love God and our fellowmen fulfills all the laws and truly keeps all the commandments.  It casts out fear.  It casts out hate, jealousy, pride and prejudice.  It conquers darkness, ignorance, discord, disease and holds the keys of eternal happiness here and forever more.  
Learn to control vibrations by controlling thoughts and you will hold the keys of eternal life in your hands." (pp. 158-159)  
What a quest!  To learn how to keep my thoughts on the high-vibrational plane of love!  With God all things are possible. :)

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