Thursday, February 9, 2012


A few days ago I was studying the conundrum of the Zoramites.  Some were outrightly rich, and professed their goodness before God on a high, high tower.  On the other end were those who were outrightly poor, and who were denied access to the tower by the rich.  They couldn't afford the costly apparel and "high society" to be considered "worthy" enough to be granted access to climb and shout out their prayers.

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One of Garth Brooks' songs refers to an "Ivory Tower", that his ex-woman stays in.  He sings about his "friends in low places".  I wonder, where are we at on that tower?  Am I sufficiently humble?  Or do I think that by my cool flat screen TV that I have made it to a standard of success?  Do I think the girl wearing sweats instead of cool, hot skinny jeans in the mall is less cool that me?  Do I think because someone is actually friendly and sociable that they're just needy, or must want to get something from me?  What a freakishly BIZARRE train of thought.

On the other hand, do I put people in leadership positions in the Ivory Tower?  Do I expect them to represent God, and have the power to deny me access to Him?  Would God look down His nose at me if I show up to church in holey jeans?  Or do I think that because someone has a clean house, Pottery Barn decor or kids who actually eat their vegetables, they have the power to look down their nose at me?  To put me in my place, simply by a subtle, or sometimes overt scoff or sneer?

What is your Rameumptum?  Who do you put in it?  Yourself?  Or other people?

It is interesting that in the end, those that climbed the Rameumptum in the Book of Mormon turned out to be some of the most hard-hearted, murderous people of their time. 

Yes, beware of climbing the Rameumptum, regardless of whether or not you have a tower next door.


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