Monday, February 27, 2012

Health Bus: Liking Salads

I've always had a really hard time liking salads.  My house wasn't really a "salad" house, and it seems that any time I tried to get my family to incorporate decent salads into family meals, my dad would usually give me this "you gotta be kidding" look. 

He's a meat-and-potatoes-at-every-meal kind of man. 

Lately I've been trying to increase my salad intake.  I have been convinced that eating living, fresh-from-the-ground foods work wonders for both increasing my spiritual capacity, but also increase my quality of daily life.  Since my body hasn't always appreciated these things, I needed additional support as I made the transition toward more vegetables.  I found something that really helped.  It's this:

I know, really?  Salad dressing?  Well, I never really enjoyed Ranch dressing.  And iceberg lettuce never really seemed that enticing.  Those two seemed to be the staples of school lunch salads, which is where most kids with meat-and-potato dads learn to eat salads.  Blech. 

But this dressing has been a Godsend.  I love it.  I don't care how many calories or sugars or oils it has.  Asian Toasted Sesame dressing & marinade, by Kraft... (I sound like a commercial!)  Cheaper than a trip to the Chinese restaurant, and healthier on my stomach too!  Thanks to this handy condiment, I LOVE to eat salads.  I can easily down a huge salad every night, like this one:

Green leaf lettuce, spinach, purple cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes, flax seeds (you can't really see them), and almonds.  Seriously incredible, especially with this dressing on top. 

In my area this dressing runs from about $1.98-$2.18.  Granted, it'd be better to not have to use dressing, but this helps me get on the health bus each day. 

What dressing(s) are worth their weight to you?  Please don't hesitate to share!



  1. I like Marie's blue cheese dressing. It's kinda on the pricey side but it doesn't make you think you just ate battery acid like the hidden valley stuff. PLUS it's FREAAKING AWESOME when you put it with some balsamic vinegar that's been sweetened with a few drops of stevia....Throw that all on to a wedge of lettuce with some grape tomatoes and maybe sunflower seeds mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Oh AND! I just discovered Wendy's Pecan Apple Chicken has lettuce, apple bites, chicken, feta cheese and candies pecans with a Pomigranite vinaigrette. (once again) mmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Oh, that sounds good! (Both!) Marie's, like Marie Callendar? I've never been big on Blue Cheese either, but maybe I'll try it. Thanks for the idears! :)

  4. Guess this was my reminder to eat more greens. I kinda got off the road for awhile. Perhaps because I ran out of greens. I'll take the hint and go get some. :-)

  5. funny just last week I discovered a new dressing I <3. It is a strawberry vinaigrette, yes I said a vinaigrette. With fresh cut up strawberries and blueberries added on top of the lettuce. I am a big romaine lettuce person, but I used spinach this time. It was absolutely delicious. I was so proud of myself for not pushing it aside because of the vinaigrette added to the end of the name.

  6. #1Mom - yes! Go buy your greens. Green/red leaf lettuce, spinach, kale... dandelion greens if you can find them! :) Those greens are so, so good for keeping energy up, and helping your body feel alive. And while you're at it, get me some too!

    CAK - really? Do you know the brand name? I'm not much of a vinaigrette person either, but that salad sounds so good - it makes me want to go get the dressing AND some berries! Mouth watering!!! Thanks for sharing!


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