Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shifting at "A Major Shift"

So there's a new layout here!  I got tired of not being able to have gadgets, and being able to follow back the people who have so generously added to my "viewer" stats.  I appreciate your attention to my blog, and since Blogger's "Dynamic" view doesn't allow me to add gadgets, I figured I'd at least temporarily switch over to the old school view until they switch up their capabilities in that arena.  (I do love Blogger.)  So we're going retro!  (It fits with the van, which you can now more fully see, too!

I'm also hoping to add a few new features here, and looking for some contributions by you.

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  • Are you or anyone you know looking to lose weight?  Would you consider allowing me to use the techniques I've been studying to tutor you in your journey to lose said weight?  I'm looking for a few folks to feature each week, to see if these things I've been learning will actually work on real people.  It worked on me, but I may be a mutant.  (I was born during the Three-Mile Island debacle.  Very, very close to TMI.  Does anyone else even use that acronym?) 
  • Would you like to contribute to AMS?  Each week I hope to feature a "guest" who will share something that fits in line with this blog.  Your post doesn't have to be long, but this is a means to introduce you to my peoples, and hopefully your peoples can be introduced to me.  Networking, baby!  We can all bless each other quite quickly that way. 
  • Each week (or every other week) I hope to add a Genealogy feature.  The work I've done in searching out my ancestors has tied in so closely with my journey of emotional and physical healing, that it seems neglectful to not share something related to it.  I hope something I share can help others joining in!
  • I've also added tabs.  Stepping up in the world in my amature blogging skills. ;) Hope you enjoy. 
I do believe that's all for this post.  Stay tuned.  There will be more!  Let me know if you can handle the new format, and the lack of the "Rock Salt" font. ;)



  1. I started using Jen as a coach for support in losing weight. I do the work but it is nice to have a support backing me. Since I like as much support as I can get, I'm all for my personal coach. go Jen. Making people better one at a time

  2. Thanks #1Mom! It's easy to work with someone so willing to work on themselves!


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