Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bad News, Superman

My little boy just woke up from his nap.  I gave him a cookie, and he wanted a second.  When I wouldn't give him another one, he climbed on my leg and started hollering.  When I got the chance to peel him off, I decided to catch a few seconds on film.

(It's really not a funny video.  I think it seemed funnier to share it than it actually is.  Sorry.  And I don't blame him.  Thin Mints are really worth crying over sometimes.)

This afternoon I found out that one of my favorite uncles passed away.  I was never too close to any of my extended family, due to living several hours apart.  But this one kept a soft place in my heart. 

He had spent the last decade dealing with the effects of a stroke.  Unable to speak, besides saying "no" and a few other sounds, he really struggled during these later years.  Despite the affects of his stroke, I'll never forget how he asked me to dance the night I was married.  He couldn't talk, but he danced with me anyways, before someone else cut in a few bars into the song.  I always wished I would've asked the relative cutting in to let me finish the song with him.

I know that my uncle is likely enjoying his new-found speech, and all the other capabilities which the stroke stripped him of, years ago.  But I kinda want to have my own tantrum, to include lying on the floor, kicking, and refusing to get up, for just a short minute. 

On the bright side, from what I understand, angles and spirits really have it good sometimes.  Like, some serious "Superman" capabilities.

I want superpowers.

I want to be able to fly!  To fly around the world in a millisecond, and not have to care about relocating a household of goods via truck.  I could go wherever I wanted and return just as fast to my temporal supplies, as needed.  Cool!

I want x-ray vision, to see through the veil.  I just read how the brother of Jared (Ether 3:19) could not be kept from seeing beyond the veil, because he knew that if he believed, the Lord would show him anything.  I'd like to figure out how to have faith to make that happen.

I want the power of "Thor's hammer".  To be able to affect the elements was something Jacob knew how to do.  Clearly one has to be willing to keep this ability within the confines of God's will.  Not sure I could do that just yet...

An inspired friend named Jaralee brought me a small copy of this picture yesterday:

(photo source/purchase link)
I had never seen it before, and it really moved me.  It's called "The Comforter", by Scott Summer.  If you zoom in (or click the link), you can see scars for the nail prints.  I'd never seen them portrayed like that.  I love that the woman doesn't hardly recognize (yet) that He's there, offering support.  Is that not how we are, so often?

When my friend brought this to me yesterday, I truly thought she was inspired.  When I was sitting, writing about the passing of my uncle, it felt even more inspired.  I don't worry that he's not in a good place, or even happy.  I know he's not stuck in a dead body, in a miserable state, soon to be buried.  I know he's ok, and thanks to a "redeemer", even Jesus Christ, I know that he's going to be, if he isn't already, just fine.

So my only mourning is for myself, and when it comes to thinking of the Savior, something remarkable was brought to my attention in a book I recently read.  It was pointed out that so often, we think the Atonement is only available to use when we die.  But it's not.  The Atonement is an act in progress, and something that we can make use of, every day, as we struggle through life's difficulties. (Concept and credit of source elaborated upon in Eighteen Verses, by Denver Snuffer).  I'm a little sad that I don't get to see him at family reunions.  The aunts and uncles are dropping like flies.  Three have passed on this year.  But I truly know they're in a most wonderful place, if not on their way.

Upon requesting that my older relatives quite dying (on my Nerdbook wall), my friend Paul wrote, "But how will they get home?"  That's precisely it.  Gracias, Paul!

It's so true.


  1. Oh, I have some many comments to say that sound good in my head but wouldn't come across as "appropriate" in type. But I do believe he is in a happier place if not "state" of being.
    For some reason though I don't morn that much despite all the memories I have of him but I morn for the loss that Dad has to go through. He always sounds like he's "ok" when we talk to him about it but I'm sure he misses all of the many (MANY) who have passed before him. :(

  2. lol. True. Yeah, I agree. He's always "Doing great, getting better, you know... considering." I teased him about it today. Hope he lets us help if he needs it. Guess we'd better keep a good eye on him.


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