Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple Testimony Sunday: Mormon

Tonight while I was getting my little girl in bed, she started playing mommy, instead of me being mommy, and tried to get me to fall asleep.  She did this my drawing with her fingers on my cheeks, trying to get me to close my eyes.  It was the wildest thing, because instantly I was thinking that this was what my mom used to do to me, and now I do this with my kids.  The odd part is, I don't remember ever doing this to my mom, but it seems like a very special, simple habit.

I do, however, remember doing this with my grandmother, and for some reason, it just reminded me how short life can be, as it seemed that I did this with her towards the end of her mortal life.  And somehow, that led me to wonder what impressions people get by my words or actions, perhaps thinking I might be extreme, over the top, or just plain "out there".  But really, as time goes by and I see more and more what's important (and what's not), I don't care.  Today I was thinking about Mormon, and how during his time, he had a "sober mind", and was probably considered a bit too serious by some.  At age 10, he was given instructions for a major responsibility regarding these plates of brass which he would take care for at age 24.  At age 15, he was commanding the whole of the Nephite armies, and from then until the end of his life, all he saw was destruction, in the form of both war and murder among his people.  He wanted to preach to his people, and God forbade it, as the people had wilfully turned away from Him (Mormon 1:16).   

But then it was also marvelous.  Mormon writes that he was visited of the Lord (Mormon 1:15), and shown our day.  All of man's days, actually, from the beginning to the end of the world.  (How does that happen, if we have agency to affect the course of our lives?)  It seems as if the majority of what Mormon writes is directed pointedly at us - those who have lived since the Book of Mormon has come unearthed.  And it is marvelous, the things that Mormon shares.  I am grateful for the work he did, and what he endured, to bring this to my life.

Interestingly enough, despite the horrors that Mormon witnessed, and the sacrifices he likely made in abridging so much of what we now have as the Book of Mormon, I think it's wild to see what has become of his name.  I wonder, if when God showed him what would transpire in future times, what he thought of the fact that millions of people who have accepted this book as scripture would call themselves after his name.  Mormons.  We take upon ourselves the name of Christ when we are baptized, but the world refers to us as Mormons.  Very, very interesting.

So grateful for Mormon this Sabbath day!  He truly testified of Christ.  I hope when my kids tickle my face to try to get me to sleep when I'm older, that they know that I tried to do the same.

I know He lives!

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