Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What are Flower Essences?

When I do my monthly "Priority" for each member in my family, quite often the results that present will result in a "flower essence" being indicated.  Up until a few months ago, I really had no idea what flower essences were, but I was taught that the were powerful and very useful.

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A book I was referred to was called Flower Essence RepertoryThe subtitle says "A Comprehensive Guide to the Flower Essences researched by Dr. Edward Bach and by the Flower Essence Society".  When someone's body tests for wanting a flower essence, I look up the name of the flower essence in this book, and it describes how that particular flower essence represents whatever their body is dealing with.  It could represent the state of the soul, or an essence that would help break generational patterns.  It has been really fascinating.

{If you want to find out more about exactly what flower essences are, feel free to read more here.}

When I do a priority for someone, first I check to see how many imbalances the person's body wants to address.  In my personal priority (which I just did), one essence that my body wanted me to reference was "corn".

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With each essence, there are positive qualities it reflects.  Corn's positives are "alignment with the earth, especially through the body and feet; grounded presence" (p.197).  But since this essence came up when I was checking for imbalances–not positive qualities–I read the section for "Patterns of imbalance".  Corn's patterns of imbalance lists as the "inability to stay centered in the body; disorientation and stress, particularly in urban or crowded environments."

Some people may think that's kind of weird.  I can't stay in my body???  But if we consider that we have physical bodies, and we have a spirit–which is truly who we are–that inhabits that body, then we have to ask, "What is the spirit physically made of?"  I understand that the spirit is fluid.  This is why in ghost stories they say spirits can move through walls.  They can somehow manipulate their matter through and into other beings, like our physical body.  So according to this priority, part of my spirit is troubled by not wanting to stick in the body.  Where it goes, I don't know!  ha!!!  Regardless, it really resonated with me, the part about being centered, stressed, and disorientated.  And add in the urban/crowded part, and it's where I'm at, 100%.

So what now?  Do I buy flower essences at the local health food store?  Perhaps.  But perhaps my body/spirit just needed to be aware that yes, I am not grounded in my current environment.  I do seek to be in nature, and it's not altogether possible, so I have to find ways to cope, or to accommodate my spirit's needs.  Perhaps that would be through getting out of the house and up to the mountains.  Perhaps visualization, prayer, meditation?  The beauty of this priority system is that once I cover the imbalances, I move to "What priorities does my body have?"  And then through more muscle testing, I am able to find out.  It's fascinating.  And awesome.  

Have you ever heard of flower essences before?  Ever tried them?  What were your results?  Did you find them effective?  Please share!


  1. Tried to post earlier, without any luck. So forgive this if it's a repeat.
    I read this post on flower essences at the same time that I've been planning my spring/summer plantings at my new place. Have settled on growing the majestic, bold Canna Lillies and Sunflowers on one side of my house (facing the street and corner). Lavendar for the front. What could this mean?

  2. It's ok, Jane! (It didn't double post.:)

    Well talk about great timing then! My book doesn't list Canna Lillies, but it does have several other varieties, like Mariposa, Alpine, Calla and Fawn Lillies. Some of the issues Lillies seem to tackle are acceptance, alienation, male/female consciousness, inner child, perfectionish, instinctual self, sexuality, shame, and vitality. I have more descriptions for each if you'd like me to look up a particular one.

    Sunflowers are powerful for reinforcing the radiance of the soul. They address a distorted or vacillating sense of self, and support unique individuality.

    Lavender addresses nervous or high-wired energy states, and depletion of physical forces; insomnia. It "helps those souls who are highly absorbent of spiritual influences." It also helps those with headaches, vision problems, and neck/shoulder tension.

    There is so much more listed for each item, so if you'd like me to read it over the phone, we can definitely do that!

    As far as placement, it seems the lillies and sunflowers on the side are "supporting" you in their function, being on what you'd consider the side. The lavender in front is more in your face, so I'd interpret that as meaning that your body/spirit wants direct help with overcoming nervousness and tension.

    Any more flowers? :)


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