Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Health Bus: Falling Off

I've heard a lot of comments lately from people falling off their diets.  They have no interest in eating the way they're "supposed to".  What does that mean?  What the diet entails?  Or the plans they impose upon themselves?  I'm not sure. 

(photo source - includes a great article about getting back up when you fall)
 The more I study (or don't study) diet and eating healthily, I'm coming to think more and more that the self-abuse we give ourselves when we fall off the health bus is more detrimental than that actual falling off.  It's sometimes verbal abuse.  It's also mental and emotional abuse.  This is my word to you, if you suffer from this kind of maltreatment. 

Knock it off!!!

Get back on the horse, and start over.  Tomorrow's another day, and even tonight is a new night.  Don't think because you wrecked lunch and mid-afternoon snack that you can't have an awesomely healthy dinner.  (And this applies to much more than just food choices.)

Speaking of which, I ate tons of junk today!  And at dinner, I had a plate full of spaghetti, loaded with tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, and hamburger.  And while some people might think that's healthy (and others would beg to differ), it gave me a stomach ache.  I realized I had had nothing fresh, nothing raw, and nothing living.  (I cooked the brains out of the mushrooms and onions.  Ah well.)  And I'm not a raw food Nazi, but I find that my stomach appreciates at least a few portions of fresh/raw food each day.  So at 9:00pm, I busted out my apples and peanut butter.  My stomach isn't perfect, but I think this choice worked better tonight than the dose of Tums, or even oils.  I love apples.

Anyways, this is my lecture for the day.  If you've fallen off the bus, wipe off your pants off and get back on.  You can do it.  (And God will help you if you let Him. :) 


  1. Yes MOM. Your spaghetti dinner sure beat my day of cookies. Cookies for lunch, snack and dinner and snack again. Does it count if they were oatmeal? hehe. I'm back on sarge. Love ya

  2. I think you got some good fiber. Look at the bright side. :) And wasn't yesterday National Oatmeal Cookie day or something? You did good celebrating! hahaha! :)


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