Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Letting Go - toxic personalities

With spring and summer coming on, I've been doing a lot of weeding.  Lots of life lessons are given in nature, and one of them always seems to hit home for me when pruning my small attempt of a garden.  It's the parable of the wheat and the tares.

Unless we do it ourselves, God will prune us.  While our structure is often left standing, He will whittle away the cankerous weeds that sprout up around us, allowing us to grow a little taller each time.  

When we refuse to let go, our growth is stunted.

(I believe the photo source is from here.)

Once we do let go, while painful, it seems that we're more able to grow fully, breathe deeply, and in essence, grow "good fruit"... or vegetables. ;)  Just because we let them go doesn't mean God won't take care of them.  But our growth does not need to stagnate because of them.

Here's to all of us letting go of the toxic people in our lives.

And for the record, just 1 week left until "A Major Shift" finally makes a major shift. 

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