Monday, June 18, 2012

Health Bus: Dancing

A few weeks ago, before my kids got out of school, their school had their annual dance festival.  Every year is a little different, but each class generally learns a dance and then performs it for the school and any parents who attend.  Often there are prizes and other fun things given away.

This year was a bit unique, in that a lot of the fanfare was omitted, but it was still a really wonderful event.  Balloons were released at the start, one by each student.  Following some brief introduction, each class performed a unique dance.  This year the school had a theme of "Sailing the Tides of Success," so the emcee for the event took us on a "cruise".  I'm not sure how foreign the dances really were, but they used a lot of music that I've heard in my Zumba classes, so most of the dances looked like Zumba class!  If you know anything about me, you likely know I love Zumba!

Somehow seeing all the kids of different ages dancing made me smile.  No matter how old, the dances were all so entertaining as to keep a smile on my face.  I couldn't stop.  And it once again reinforced the power of dance.

Dancing is so good for those whose bodies will allow it.  It produces natural endorphins, increases the vibrational frequency of the body's cells, and truly lifts the soul.  Therefore, for this installment of the "Health Bus", I recommend at least a few minutes of dancing every day!  See what it does for you!  (And then let me know!:)

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