Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Joseph

There's more I hope to share on my thoughts on the First Vision.  Hopefully I'll work on that tomorrow.  Tonight I want to share how much I absolutely LOVE Joseph Smith.  I am beyond words thankful for the sacrifice he offered in basically doing all he could to do what God asked him to do.  I think I'll share a few things I have in common with Joseph, just for fun.

We both grew up a few miles outside a town called Palmyra. ;)
We both lived in the country for much of our youth.
We both were relatively poor, or "indigent" during our youth.
We both work hard, although I have to imagine he worked a LOT harder than I do, or ever did.
We both believe in the words of the Bible.
We both sought truth at a young age.
We both had faith that God answers prayers.
We both did things that weren't always popular.
We have both been misunderstood, from time to time.
We both moved across the country, and not necessarily because we wanted to.
We both enjoyed having lots of fun, when the time is right.
We both believe in visions.
We both enjoy children.
We both believe that God lives, and hears and answers our prayers.
We both believe in meditation, pondering, and prayer.

I don't know why I'm sharing such an odd list, but I've always felt a kinship with Joseph.  I don't know what my relationship is to him, but I have always believed him, and felt wholeheartedly that what he experienced was true.  I'd like to think that in an eternal realm, we were at least friends, if not very good acquaintances.  There's often a story of how Joseph loved playing a game called "pulling sticks".  I'd like to think that at least once, even though I'm a woman, I'd get a chance to beat him at that game.  I look forward to a time when I can call him "Brother Joseph", as the saints did nearly 200 years ago.

Joseph was indeed a prophet, and I am beyond thankful for what he did to bring forth the Book of Mormon, among many wonderful other restored blessings of Christ's gospel.  Thank God for Joseph, the Book of Mormon, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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