Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Trip

Yesterday evening we did another trip to the hospital.  I was experiencing some severe abdominal pain, and we wanted to rule out many possible issues, which we did.  It is quite possible that I have never endured such horrid pain in my life as I did for those hours while we tried to get medical care and medicinal relief.  What was interesting to me is that I was given a do-over chance.  The last time I was admitted I prayed for help, but then got distracted.  This time prayer was all I did, as it seemed the doctors and nurses were able to find no solution, no medication to help ease the pain for quite some time.

Unique to this prayer was that it was all out loud.  I told my family, "You're gonna hear me talk to Jesus a lot..."  They laughed, but it was true.  And it felt good.

I think it would do us a lot of good to talk out loud to Jesus and our Heavenly Parents a whole lot more, even when we're not sick.  When I got home, I attempted to meditate to help my body calm down while I waited for the hours to pass until I could try the new prescription they gave me.  I didn't care if anyone heard me talking out loud in my room, but I hope Jesus heard.  Once 1:52 am rolled around and I took the new meds, I got answer – relief –to my many prayers.  :)

What do you pray for?  Did you find this post useful in any way?  If so, please leave me a comment.  

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