Thursday, December 27, 2012

A More Major Shift

This blog/website has been in existence for over a year now.  My focus has changed with the tides, seemingly, and now as the new year is approaching, I'm considering changing it again.  As it has seen such astronomical growth, and I receive nearly a thousand comments a day, and the sheer scholarship and religiosity of this site is beyond compare, I'm seriously pondering the idea of shifting my target audience.  To whom?

My children.

While I hope that whoever ends up reading this blog is enlightened, I have no idea if anyone is ever helped, inspired, depressed, or whatever by these thoughts.  And I try not to care, in truth, as I don't seek anyone's glory or appreciation.  That said, I do want to spend what time I spend at this computer with thoughts left for  those who might cherish them if a day comes when my mortal body is no longer here.  Feel free to read along, but understand that if it appears to be written by a novice, or overly childlike, that is the end goal. :) 

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