Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tearing Down

I just dropped by my blogroll a bit ago to see if any of the blogs I follow had anything interesting to say.  I found a feature on "Shameless Popery" quite interesting.  The three soon-to-be priests took less than a day after a very unifying holiday to post some interesting work on why Latter-day Saints are misdirected in not praying to Jesus.  If you'd like to read the whole post, you can find it here.  In upcoming days, I might just describe how their assessment, while somewhat well-researched, is not accurate, according to scripture.

Perhaps I am being hypocritical, but I like to think that I support many faiths in open-mindedness.  I don't judge, or seek to tear down, despite disagreeing in details.  While God, in the end, knows ALL, I am thankful for other faiths which point to Him, despite their differing in details.  Maybe I'm wrong in this, and maybe I'm right.  But it is disappointing to me when I realize how much time is spent in many faiths, tearing down others, which could be much, much better spent assisting their membership in growing closer to God.  I hope that my previous words on this blog regarding my visits or thoughts of other faiths have not been seen as tearing down, but simply as something different, and perhaps uncomfortable for me if it was not something I preferred.

That said, I do not believe there has been one time where I have visited another church and not heard some sort of anti-Mormonism, either outright or severely alluded to.  Many times I've wondered if the person bringing me as a guest alerted the preacher/priest that I was coming.  In general, it seemed that that was not the case, but just the pattern of preaching.  I know "Mormons" have come a long way since Joseph was martyred over his beliefs, but it's still sad to see that we can unite over charity, disaster relief, and supporting marriage and life, but yet when we get down to religion, so many spend so much time tearing down.  It's disappointing.  

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