Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enlightening Reads

Dear Magdalene,

I just saw the fifth movie in a series that I really feel is one of the best sagas I've ever read.  I know a lot of people will say this is an over-the-top set of movies, but I really enjoyed the books, and having them come out in movies was wonderful.  Granted, you can't ever put fully into a movie what you can say in a book, but they did a good job trying to do just that.

I know it's really random to be writing about such things, but having read a LOT of books, I can say that I know some are divinely inspired.  Living during the time that these books were extremely popular, a lot of people started trashing them, because they got irritated at all the hype.  It's as if people can't handle too much talk over something, so they get sick of the hype, regardless of whether or not they've really examined the thing itself.  I think that happened a lot here.  Some people also get jealous of one's success.  Jealousy and covetousness are something we are commanded not to do.

This book spoke of things that I think many of us dream about: immortality.  Granted, there were some "dark" sides of the story, in that the author took a topic generally regarded as "heathen" and turned it into something more beautiful.  The characters were generally seeking goodness, and despite their faults, they were actively trying to overcome them.

The bulk of the story was a love story, and there is a happy ending.  I know that doesn't always happen in life, but that doesn't mean you can't work towards it.

Why am I writing this to you?  I know you love love stories, even though you're such a sweet little thing.  I anticipate that you'll love them as you grow older, and you'll want to be your own princess in a castle, or in this case, a perfect cottage in the woods.  My wish is that you don't settle for less than you seek, and that you follow the truth in your heart, regardless of what anyone tells you.  You can obtain immortality, even if it means passing by the doors of death in the process.  (If you see the movie I'm talking about, you'll know what I mean.:)  And just because someone else thinks you're not strong enough warrant such rewards, that doesn't mean you aren't.  You're a strong little diva, and you will get there.

Sorry there's no scriptures in this one.  I think sometimes God speaks through other means besides scripture verses.  In this case it involved vampires and werewolves. :)

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When you're 21 (or married:) go see the Twilight series.  I don't care what anyone says.  That's a divinely inspired book for people like you and me.  I hope you get all the symbolism and enjoy it as much as me and Daddy do.


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