Monday, March 4, 2013


Dear Josten, Magdalene, Austin and Daniel,

Today I fasted for your grandmother.  So did her ward.  She's been diagnosed with cancer, and they haven't even been able to locate where the cancer is originating.  We believe in miracles, so we fasted with hope.  The doctors just told us about 2 hours ago to prepare for her to not make it through the night.

There seems to be something going on in heaven.  A lot of very wonderful people are passing, and your grandmother Mary is indeed wonderful.  I love her as I know you do.  It makes no sense to me that someone can be fine one day, and then 2 weeks later be passing so quickly through the veil.  She has not gone yet, and somehow we still hope she will be granted a miracle.  

During our last phone call together, your grandma cried that she wasn't ready to die yet.  She wanted to see her grandkids grow up.  I hope and pray she still has that resolve, but I also know she has no fear of passing.  She has intense love of our Savior, so there is no fear for where she's headed.  

It's all just so unexpected.  

I do believe something's going on, beyond.  Maybe, since some of you are very sensitive to things going on beyond the veil – maybe she will come and clue you in, and you can clue some of the rest of us in on the action.  Hopefully it's not quite yet.    

Love you all,

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