Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warm Weather

Dear Josten,

I just realized something wonderful that I want to share with you, before I forget.

This past week, in the middle of March, we were in Utah.  Your grandmother's funeral services were over, and we were packing up all of our household goods, which have been in storage for nearly 6 months now.  Typically March in Utah is a very cold month, and some of the greatest snowfall happened while we lived in Utah during this month over the past 5 years.  It is also one of my most dreaded months to be in Utah, as when it would get windy, it would shake our mobile home.  It petrified me to sleep in that kind of weather.

I find it interesting to note that during the funeral, it was actually quite warm - 63 degrees, if I remember correctly.  It seems to me that Grandma told me the weather was also just as warm during one of our last conversations, before we even knew that she had cancer.

It's also interesting that when we spent two days packing up our things, from storage, to yard sale, to moving van, that it was also quite warm.  We were able to do all these things without winter coats on, and at some points, with only a short sleeved shirt.  You even asked why I didn't let you bring any shorts along.

As I sat in our home in Pennsylvania, I realized as I chatted with your other grandma that it was snowing outside.  Yes, it is the middle of March.  Yes, it is typically very cold during this month.

It took a moment for it to sink in, but it finally did.  The warm weather was a very tender mercy of the Lord.

We held your grandmother's funeral and burial services in the warmth.
We loaded our moving van for two days in the warmth.

Can you imagine if we had tried doing any of these things in the snow?  Shivering at a graveside dedication?  Unpacking our storage shed to sort through what we wanted to keep versus what we wanted to sell, setting boxes and goods into mushy slush?  Selling many things to complete strangers, in the frigid cold?  Spending 12+ hours, packing up what we wanted to keep, with gloves, coats, hats and scarves?

(photo source)
No, indeed God was very kind, merciful, and thoughtful for us during a very intense time of need.  So very grateful.

God loves you Josten.  I have to wonder if one of heaven's newest angels helped arrange that blessing for us.  It certainly helped things go a lot, lot more smoothly.

<3, Mom:)

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