Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alma to Helaman - Psst... by the way

Dear Austin, 

Yesterday I was reading a few of the words of Alma.  I do believe he's one of my favorite prophets, although I almost wonder if he called himself one.

In Alma 45:9, Alma's talking to his son, Helaman, as in the leader of the 2000 Ammonites (aka "Stripling Warriors").  He shares a prophecy with him in a very interesting way.

9 But behold, I have somewhat to prophesy unto thee; but what I prophesy unto thee ye shall not make known; yea, what I prophesy unto thee shall not be made known, even until the prophecy is fulfilled; therefore write the words which I shall say.
10 And these are the words: Behold, I perceive that this very people, the Nephites, according to the spirit of revelation which is in me, in four hundred years from the time that Jesus Christ shall manifest himself unto them, shall dwindle in unbelief.
I've read this more times than I can count.  Certain parts never struck me like they did yesterday and today.

Alma told Helaman something that no one else would know.  He prohibited it, which sharing and prohibition were likely directed by the Lord.  Why did he tell Helaman, and why could Helaman not share it?

These things were known among the prophets, but the general population would not be made aware at all.  I wonder, besides the obvious, why?  There were plenty of leaders warning the people to repent.  And every other time I've read this, I've wondered, "Well duh.  It was prophesied.  Didn't the people hear the voices of warning?  Why didn't they do something?"  But it occurred to me that maybe they didn't know this destruction was imminent at the time of 400 years post-resurrection.  While the true prophets warned, the bulk of the people likely ignored the warnings, and because of it, they ripened in pride and iniquity.

It makes me wonder what prophecies we might be not paying much attention to.  Like what about the warning and condemnation the church members as a whole received in the 1800s for not studying and using the Book of Mormon more.  Do you think we're any better?  Do we know who Aminadab is?  Or Gidgidoni or Lachoneus?  Does it matter?  We may not need to memorize stories, but we should know the words of this piece of scripture well enough that we can recall the stories of these people as well as we can recall the stories of the more commonly known people like Nephi and Lehi.  Just my opinion.

Love you!

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