Friday, July 12, 2013

Your Dream Last Night


Tonight you began telling us a "story".  You have always been a wonderful storyteller, but it has been a long time since you have offered to tell us a story at bedtime.  Tonight it began with a fuzzy winter glove of mine.

You put it on your hand, and began teaching us about death and the resurrection.

"This, is like you.  The glove is your body, and this (your hand) is you!  When you die, your body goes here (in the ground), and your spirit goes up here (arm in the air, swimming)."

It quickly turned from a story to an account of a dream, apparently from last night.

"I saw Grandma last night."

What???  I believe in dreams.  You had my rapt attention.

What did she look like?  What was she wearing?

"She was wearing white earrings," you said.

Were they hoops or just small earrings?

"They were round circles, like this big." (You made a circle with your thumb and index finger.

I asked you if she was old or young, or just looked like Grandma.  "She just looked like Grandma."  You said she hugged you, and then flew up in the sky.

How did she fly?  "With her wings."

What were her wings like?  I'd never seen angel wings.  "They were big.  Angel wings.  You know, like a pegasus."  Oh.

Next you cooly and calmly said that Jesus and Mary were there too.  Not Grandma, but Mary.

Was Jesus a baby?

"No.  They were both grown up."

Did you see anyone else?

"Yeah, Alma was there.  The older one.  You know, the one who was with Noah.  Not Noah and the ark, but the other Noah.  The king."

Oh.  What did Alma look like?

"He had white hair."

Really?  Wait, are you sure it was Alma?

 "Um, yeah.  It wasn't the younger one, it was the dad."

Oh.  Wow!

So what did they say?

"Um, they were eating."



Were they at a picnic table, or a dinner table?  Or just walking around?

"They were at a picnic table."

Oh.  Just eating?  I can't remember if you said they were eating or just talking.  Maybe you remember?

What else happened?

"Abinadi was there."


"Yeah.  The one with the handcuffs."

Oh.  Did he have handcuffs on in your dream?

"No.  He was just... normal."

Oh.  And what about Grandma?  Did she say anything else?

"No.  She just gave me wings, and I flew up with her."

And then what?

"That was all."

Oh.  Okay.  So then you woke up?



Just thought you might want to remember this dream.  I know it would take me a long time to write in your journal.  Typing goes much faster.

Love you baby!