Thursday, October 24, 2013


I'm having a challenging time knowing where to start with some of the things I want to share.  Things have been mounting, exponentially, in the last few weeks, and I've learned so many wonderful new bits of knowledge that I don't know where to start.

A few things have been brought to my attention.  There was a book written, and has been catching some great reviews, such that I'm wanting to get my hands on it!  It's been ablaze on many blogs this week.  I don't know how some people keep their finger on the pulse, but I'm thankful at least someone's involved in what's hot off the press.

The book's called The Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, and is written by Mormon anthropologist, Daymon Smith.  If I didn't have three or four books already on my list of books to catch up on, I'd have bought it yesterday.  But maybe, just maybe, he'll find out that I'm a book reviewer (mostly on my other blog) and he'll offer me a free copy of the whole series. ;)  haha!  I'm looking forward to reading it though.  I read through a paper he gave at a Brazilian conference and was thoroughly enlightened.

I'm not sure how much I'll have to read to get the point though, as the other reviewers have shared enough that I think I get the main point.  Here are two great reviews: Rock Waterman's and Denver Snuffer's.  If you're a little lazy, I'll tell you the point, the bottom line, the lesson.

Read the Book of Mormon with NO preconceived notions, no links to other religions, no links to your own religion.  Read it at face value, and see what you get.

After understanding the bottom line, I am intrigued.  Several thoughts brought up, like the word "restoration" and "Bible" have got me so ponderous that I wish I could just sit and reread the Book of Mormon over again.  I was a bit grateful to have already read it many, many times, so that when things were brought up for consideration, I knew exactly where to dig to find my own answers.

I don't know if this'll sound all that cryptic, but I am so excited with the things that are coming forth these past few months.  Snuffer's also done a series of talks that I find simply intriguing, and while it helps to have read his books, my understanding is that the talks are given with the idea that there will be non-members of the LDS faith present at them.  So anyone could read and find things worth pondering.  Some people like to bicker over technicalities, and I find I don't have time for that, unless there's some serious content issues.  The content is fascinating, and it resonates over any other author out there, despite people trying to make sure I'm not having the wool pulled over my eyes.  I'll link to the talks, and feel free to read and comment.

Boise - Be of Good Cheer

Idaho Falls - Lectures on Faith

Logan - Repentance

Centerville - Covenants

And this one - The First Three Words - BLEW MY MIND!!!  It has several accounts of the King Follet Discourse, by Joseph Smith.  I've been in the LDS Church for 35 years and never read it!!!  If you want to understand about the nature of God, read it.  Now.  And don't wait for it to come up in Sunday School, because this kind of doctrine has loooong been removed from our curriculum.  But that doesn't mean we're not supposed to ponder and learn about it.  Absolutely awesome stuff!

There are a few other talks on his website, and I'll comment on those as I read them.  I've got lots of catching up to do, but I wanted to share how thoroughly thrilled I am with what I've learned.  I only wish I had more people to join in the discussion with me.


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