Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Response to the 1276 Beggars

A friend posted this article on their facebook page, and asked for thoughts of others:

I commented, and read the other comments, mostly saying to avoid and don't pay the beggars, but a few that said contrary to that.  Then someone shared this:

"This is from my buddy who is or was homeless good perspective: Don't give the people flying signs money, most of them are using the money for drugs. Give them food, clothing, single sheet flannel blankets, that's it. I would only give them money if they look like they are taking care of themselves, and you get the feeling that they look like they will put it to good use. I will see the same person in the same spot for 6 months. They aren't going anywhere. By that time, they aren't doing anything good with the money. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there is an exception.
There are much better ways to help, although they are not nearly as easy as handing out money. Donate clothing, hygeine packs (ziplock bag with hotel soap, shampoo, and whatever is affordable...some of these shelters/charities have requirements). The biggest help is in the form of pushing for completely different policy. The homeless shelter in salt lake cut its housing in half about 6 months ago, so there are going to be hundreds sleeping on the street this winter. To be honest, I think salt lake city is trying/hoping that many of these people will leave this winter...and it will work to some degree.
The police hand out thousands, no joke, of tickets to the homeless for blocking a thorough fair, because a homeless person is sitting on the curb. They handed out 1276 tickets last year, for the two blocks next to the homeless shelter for the homeless "criminally tresspassing". Most of them were for walking across a parking lot. I know, I got one of them.

Get community leaders (they aren't leaders, they are business folks with agendas) to consider and take different approaches to handling the homeless. Over half of the homeless have two showers, and two washers and driers, provided by the Catholic Church (side note: the LDS church donates blankets, but has no shelter for the poor. It's only interesting, when the LDS consider this the home base for their ideology).
Let them know of the bishops warehouse on 8th south and 7th west. They allow people to do menial work in exchange for food and clothing. Great program.

The Mission, 5th south and 4th west, provides free hot meals and clothing.

There is a health clinic, the "4th street clinic", on 4th south and 4th west that provides almost all non-emergency medical help."

I don't agree with not giving them money.  Even if they're drug addicts, they use drugs to fill a need.  It's up to you to discern what you can or can't give.  But DO SOMETHING!!!!!

No shelter???

1276 tickets???

My response on the thread:

"Hebrews 13:2: 2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." I will turn around in traffic to give to a beggar, provided I don't see them texting on their iphone. Either way, I try to keep a little food in my car to offer, so if I don't have money I can at least offer food. "Are we not all beggars?" King B."
Heaven help us!!!  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.  This is insanity.  PUT THEM UP FOR FREE IN THE MALL!!!  

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