Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

It's Joseph Smith's birthday today.

I was wondering to myself what he might be doing to celebrate.  Or if he cares, wherever he is, that it's his birthday.

Do you think they used birthday cakes in the 1800's to celebrate birthdays?  Someone surely knows.  (Not me.)  Did they give gifts?  Did they have extravagances?  How did they celebrate?

And do they celebrate mortal birthdays in heaven?  Do you think Emma made him a cake?  Or commissioned one of those heavenly bakers to make up something awesome?

Or is it possible that today really means nothing at all, and maybe he might prefer to celebrate his death dates, or entry date into the next world?  I always wonder that for those who have passed on.

Certainly Joseph has been one of the more influential people in my life.  Without his actions as a youth, my life would be entirely different.  I say he deserves a great deal of respect and gratitude.  I hope he's having a really great moment in the realm of no time, or wherever it is that he now resides.

Yes, Happy Birthday, Joseph!  Wishing you the best birthday ever!!!


  1. Maybe he celebrates the day in mortality that he heard "Thou shalt have eternal life." :)


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