Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Humility vs. Self Hate

In the last few days I have been awakened to the idea that humility is NOT self hate, self loathing, self destruction, or self criticism.  It does not mean endless self abuse, despite knowing that we are unprofitable creatures.  Humility involves becoming childlike, which means to be meek, submissive, teachable, and willing to submit to God, just as a child submits to his father. (Mosiah 3)  I have been taught there is a gaping difference between the two.  

It is a fine line to discover, and a very deceptive trap to misunderstand, when the hater of our souls deposits filth into our being via lies.  Self hate comes from the Adversary, and actually prohibits us from hearing God.  Cast it out of your souls.

Humility, on the other hand, permits us to draw nearer to God.  It creates a wide open space for learning, which can be filled with non-toxic, ever abundant Love.  Invite God to fill it. 

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