Saturday, January 3, 2015

Read it Differently - 3 Nephi 16:4-5

3 Nephi 16: 4-5

"And I command you that ye shall write these sayings after I am gone, that if it so be that my people at Jerusalem, they who have seen me and been with me in my ministry, do not ask the Father in my name, that they may receive a knowledge of you by the Holy Ghost, and also of the other tribes whom they know not of, that these sayings which ye shall write shall be kept and shall be manifested unto the Gentiles, that through the fulness of the Gentiles, the remnant of their seed, who shall be scattered forth upon the face of the earth because of their unbelief, may be brought in, or may be brought to a knowledge of me, their Redeemer."  
And then will I gather them in from the four quarters of the earth; and then will I fulfil the covenant which the Father hath made unto all the people of the house of Israel." 
For some reason I can't quite get over the notion of there being other tribes in the earth that we know not of.  I remembering reading a book by Cleon Skousen, "The Cleansing of America".  He purports that there are people living beneath the North Pole, who shall come forth.  I don't have an opinion on that, but I think this verse may be less dramatic.  That we have other tribes, and we ourselves might possibly fall into these tribes, whom we know not of.  Could it be that the people in China (for example) are one of these massive tribes of Israel, and through the teaching of this book, the remnant of their seed (these other tribes) shall be brought in to a knowledge of their Redeemer?

With the ability of the internet, this is increasingly popular.  I had a friend who said that the Chinese filter their emails, so that pieces which mention Christ are omitted.  I don't know how they do it.  She was visiting there, and was surprised to come home and find that her messages were edited en route.  Either way, I trust that simply by sharing things online, the people that need to read it will discover it.  Thank God for the ability to speak freely.  I hope those who need to read these words will be brought to them.

I find less and less intrigue in critiquing others' faith, whether it be within my own religion, or without.  People will be held accountable for their own sins.  I can only share my own beliefs, and if there be truth in it, I trust that if that soul gives place in their being for the Holy Spirit to administer, it will.  God will be the judge.  

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