Sunday, February 1, 2015

Riddle me This, Batman!

I'm typically not a good riddle guesser.  But I want to present a riddle.  It had me entertained this morning for quite a while.  I will give you some clues clues.  Let me know if you guessed right.  If you want to pretend you're sitting with the Riddler, feel free.

(Hysterical blog post from blogger Chase Variant!)  

Clue #1.  This is a religious party.

Clue #2.  Its name denotes that they are separate from the other parties of their time.

Clue #3.  This party takes great honor in their strict observance of the religious laws.

Clue #4.  This party is greatly careful in avoiding contact with things considered sinful.

Clue #5.  This group believes in the doctrine of immortality and the resurrection of the body.

Clue #6.  This group also believes in the existence of angels and spirits.

Clue #7.  This group upholds the belief that there is authority in oral tradition which is equal to the written law.

Clue #8.  They believe certain observances of ceremony are required.

Clue #9.  Self-sufficiency is highly encouraged.

Clue #10.  They believe they are spiritually correct, while others were spiritually incorrect.  In essence, they are going to be saved, while others are not.  

Any guesses?

My daughter and I like to play guessing games.  Usually after a few rounds we have to give more clues.  So here's final clue, just in case you need it.

Clue #11.  The answer is found in the 1979 edition of the LDS version of the King James Bible.  Answer is on page 750 of the Appendix, column 2.

Leave a comment if you guess the right answer.  :) 

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