Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mosiah's Sons and The Second Comforter

In the book, The Second Comforter, Denver Snuffer lays out the difference and need to seek the face of Jesus Christ, personally.  A additional reference has been jumping off the pages at me for the last several days, held in the Book of Mormon.

As the sons of Mosiah were leaving their father and the land of Zarahemla, they are described as taking their "numbers", their bows, arrows, etc. to obtain food as they journeyed towards the Lamanites to preach.  It is assumed that by now they have experienced baptism of water, and of fire, and received the conferral of the Holy Ghost in some form or ordinance.  I cannot imagine them attempting to go preach to a wild and ferocious people without having received such.

Alma 17:9 describes how they fast and pray much that the Lord would give them a "portion of HIS Spirit to go with them, and ABIDE with them".  In verse 10, it says that "the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted.  And they were comforted."

They are receiving Christ through the veil.

This is before Christ was born upon the earth, receiving his mortal or immortal tabernacle.  To have HIS Spirit come and abide with them is also known as "The Second Comforter", which is again promised later by Christ in St. John 14:23, and explained further in D&C 130:3.  Although worded slightly different, there is another reference I recently stumbled across in Moses 5:10, relating to Adam's experience.  "...And again in the flesh I shall see God."

It is to be accomplished in this life, if possible.  The invitation is for now, not just when we die.  

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