Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Radical Ideas

Once upon a time there were two groups of people.  One hated the other, so extremely that they would continuously find reasons to come and try to kill them.  One day, some men from the more peaceful of the two groups were so sincerely changed, that they had great desires to teach and share with the more hostile group, what had changed their hearts.  They took their royal desires to their father, the king of the land, and asked if they could be excused indefinitely while they went to try to preach to these hostile murders.

Their father was of course, quite afraid, and being the thoughtful, inspired man he was, he took the question to the Lord in prayer, seeking revelation.  The Lord promised that if he should permit his sons to do this thing, that He (the Lord) would protect them.  They should all return unharmed – or alive, at very least.

So the father took comfort and gave them permission to leave the relative safety of their more peaceful land and embark into hostile territory.

Long story short, as the brothers and friends took their journey, they ended up being quite successful.  In fact, extremely successful.  Thousands were converted away from their wicked ways, and turned to God.  They felt so extremely sorry for their previous murderous ways that when their fellow citizens came and tried to kill them for their crazy new spiritual views, they willingly fell down at their swords.

After one gnarly battle, so many of the hardened, murderous fellow-citizens were so touched by this lack of resistance that they too were converted to whatever it was that had changed their countrymen's hearts.

But after awhile, a more hardened group among the murderers started stirring the pot, as they didn't feel too keen on all the love and joy going around, so they came up to go against their fellowmen AGAIN.

Back to the sons of the king.  Their hearts were in turmoil, because these people who they grew to love so much were being slain for absolutely no reason, beyond a change of heart.  They thought if they might go and ask the people of their land if these new friends can come and dwell there, surely they would do something to help.  And so they asked.  And their request was granted.  The refugees were given a space of land to inherit, free of charge.  While these people were never a hindrance or burden, down the road they became a great blessing to the people of their new land.

Their story can be found in the Book of Alma, in the Book of Mormon.


There is a war raging in the Middle East, where believers of Christ are being murdered.  Perhaps their story is not as dramatic as the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi, but their situation is just as perilous.  They have no defenses.  They are being killed strictly because of differing religion.  I propose that while this nation hangs in wait for a sword of destruction to fall for our unrepentant, hard, controlling hearts, that one spring of hope might be to offer a space of peace and freedom for these Christian refugees.  Perhaps God would spare us a little longer.  I have heard one Democratic senator, somewhere, propose such an idea, and I support it.  There is a lot to fear in opening up one's homeland to those of another culture, but perhaps these folks might prove to be a blessing to us, much like the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.  

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