Thursday, June 11, 2015

Truck in the House

Two or so nights ago I had a dream.  There are periods where I dream quite frequently, and lots of the time they don't make much sense.  Sometimes I dream, and I realize I am influenced by my own hopes or fears.  This one did not have any of those normal influences.  When I was awoken from this dream, I knew its meaning, and understood that I was to share.  I also knew it was not a fluff dream, nor something simply reflective of my inner thoughts and feelings.    

It is very short and simple.  I was in our kitchen, and saw down the hallway to the front door.  A medium sized, semi-dirty monster truck had pulled into the front door area, and somehow the space accommodated this.  (In real life it does not.)  The truck entered the home, and began accelerating down the hallway, towards the kitchen area.  As it accelerated, I began yelling at it, commanding it to stop, but it only grew faster.  Although I didn't see it smash into/through the wall and out the back side of the house, I knew that was its path.  I was awoken by my alarm clock before I saw it collide.  I wondered if the Lord had the dream interrupted at this point intentionally, as surely the Powers that 
Be must have some control of what content is revealed through dreams.   

The dirty destruction is upon us.  It has entered our doors, and we are in its wake, whether we like it or not.  It is accelerating towards us, but will not destroy us completely.  (I suppose the "us" would be negotiable, depending upon who is reading this, and what their interpretation is.)  We cannot use our power to stop it; it will come.  God willing, we will survive.  

Sorry it's not a more inspiring message.  


  1. I had a very similar dream not long ago--similar in meaning as the Lord finally revealed to me. A destruction that is coming over which I have no control or power whatsoever.

    1. Would love to hear more about your dream, Vaughn. I somehow knew that there will be others receiving similar messages. It will be interesting to see how many there are in days ahead.


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