Sunday, July 19, 2015

13 Years, going on 14

This weekend my husband and I are celebrating 13 years of marriage, and begin into our 14th year together.  (Happy Anniversary Babe!)  We got married in the Washington D.C. temple.  It was an extremely hot day, and my flowers were the most beautiful shade of pink, and they smelled heavenly. When I think of our wedding pictures I laugh because I remember Dan's brother complaining of having to wear a tux in the ridiculous heat.  It really was hot out.  

We had an awesome deep blue Nissan Maxima rental, and my friends Alicia and Brendan wrote on the windows with window chalk.  They surprised us and made it to the wedding, along with lots of other really awesome friends.

We were so clueless!  It makes me laugh, looking back.  Marriage for time and all eternity is a big deal, and we really didn't make that big of an inquisition when we decided to give it a go.  In Mormondom as well, you know it's the most special thing you can embark on, but beyond that, you're really not given that much of what to expect when you go into the temple.  (Or when you come out!)  I remember quite a bit of everything back then, and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  We've stuck through quite a bit of drama, and hope to have many great years together.  The good news is, we tied God into our commitments, in a three-way deal.  So even if I were a pretty lousy wife, or if Dan is not the perfect husband, we can ask God to patch us up.  And God is the best marriage partner ever.  EVER.  Thank you Jesus. :)  After 13 years you're still the best partner in the marriage.  We're trying to gain on ya, but you're still light years of perfection ahead.    

As we were enjoying the Sabbath today, Dan gave me a "small gift".  Two music CDs, one was Brad Paisley's Mud on the Tires, and the other was Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More.  We got Mud on the Tires back when we were living in Florida, during our first year of marriage.  It's probably our first BP CD, and totally led us to fall in love with all his music.  Such a gift to us to have through the years.

I'm pasting in a link to one of my favorites.  If you're part of a goofy couple, your loved one might really enjoy it.  Dan still lets me listen to this song repeatedly.  In fact, this is one CD that we have listened to over and over again during our many cross-country trips during our first years of marriage.   We used it so much that it's grown scratched up, so the time is right to get a new one.  

Piano, electric & acoustic guitar, steel guitar, banjo, violin.  Best part of instrumentals is 4:40.  And lyrics: 

You overthink things
You say what if
We're not meant to be
You know what?
So what
Make a mistake with me

Nobody goes through this life
and does everything perfectly
We're all gonna fail
So might as well
Make a mistake with me

Sometimes baby when we take
the chance that has this much at stake
We look back and in hindsight
What seemed wrong looks more like right

So I say worst case
We'll be left with 
lots of good memories
It's the chance we have
It's worth that
So make a mistake with me

So I'm telling you
the right thing to do
Is make a mistake
Make a mistake
Make a mistake with me

Whoops, help me out

Here's to 14. :)

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