Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Root of the Gay Dilemma

Late last night I read a post on a blog (I linked it so you can read it before proceeding), which brought up a potential quandry for the LDS Church, to remain with or to part with the Boy Scouts of America.  The Boy Scouts will be making a formal decision, whether or not to allow gay scout leaders in their ranks.  The potential policy change caused a lot of inner soul searching for me, and I'm still in the thick of it.

The Bible, most especially the Old Testament, teaches that men lying with men, and women with women, is an abomination.  Most of the laws and commandments in the Bible stem from a principle which fits into God's plan.  There are a lot of laws and commandments, such as not eating bacon, for example, which the Christian world at large disregard.  Even so, practicing Jews refuse to eat bacon or meat from bi-cloven hoofed animals.  For breaking this commandment, one would face the condemnation required, should they be ascribers to the Mosaic Law.  

[Sidenote: I watched this video from Todd White a few nights ago which really blessed my understanding of Condemnation vs. Righteousness in relation to Christ and the Mosaic Law.  Please watch if you get a chance.  It's worth the time.] 

Previously I've written that I think there are other sins to worry about, and we are just as potentially guilty of many of them.  I wonder if our condemnation is just as dire as those who live a homosexual lifestyle.  As I pondered the heart of the sin, the question came, "Does God approve of homosexual relations?  If so, why the commandment not to?  If not, why?"  The answer I had was because it thwarts the plan of bringing souls into mortality.  If one is living a lifestyle which prohibits child birthing, they are limiting opportunities for children to come to the earth.  

If that wasting of such an opportunity is an abomination, it makes additional sense why abortion is such a horrid sin (beyond the murder-in-the-womb element), but it also raises the question for me, in what other instances might our actions thwart God's plan by prohibiting souls to come to earth?  

Birth control pills?  Vasectomies?  Tubes tied?  Condoms?  Are these thwarting God's plan?  No, really.  

Are those who use these things, or have partaken of these surgeries, likewise thwarting God's plan?  

Is the condemnation the same?  Can we say it does not fall under the same heading as gay relations which cease the reproduction of offspring?
I know I for one, tend to believe that I don't conceive of more children because I don't feel capable of mentally handling more.  At the moment it would do me in to add to my "collection". :) I am just as guilty as preventing further life to be born as one who chooses a homosexual life, am I not?  Is there justification for me, because society, and Christians in general, find "family planning" or birth control acceptable?  So why does it cause me such concern if gays are permitted into the Boy Scouts?  Is it a skewed view I have, because society passes judgment (or lack thereof)?

Why is homosexuality the measuring stick of a civilization's righteousness or wickedness?  In the Book of Mormon, sexual sin was not so descriptive to delineate between homosexuality, adultery, polygamy, etc., but rather it was labeled "lasciviousness".  Is our acceptance of lasciviousness in general a litmus test?  Does our legalization of gay marriage, and the government's possessive nature of the institution of marriage mean we are more tolerant of not only private sins, but also public ones?  Have we permitted the governmentalization of religion and spirituality?  In essence, have we become a theocracy, where the religion of the day is atheism?   

As a whole, I feel like society's judgments are often off, and traditionally misguided.  This might be another case where we justify our sin while pointing out the faulty character traits or sins of another.  Does God approve of homosexuality?  I don't believe so.  Are there male souls born into female bodies?  I believe it certainly is possible, as wow, what a test that would be for the male soul and those who are around him/her.  Are there humans walking around with spirits of the opposite sex attached to their souls, causing gender confusion?  I believe so in many counts.  (Dr. Melvin Fish talks about this in his books, worth considering.)  I also believe it is a sin and a condemnation that we do nothing to administer clearing of those spirit attachments, and consider that kind of healing to be witchcraft or priestcraft.  What do we have to say for ourselves, that the real gifts of healing from same-sex attraction are not found in our ranks?  As "key-holders", are we going to be held accountable for our deficiency in administering these gifts?

The other day I posted a post regarding a Church survey I had participated in.  My stance was to share that I believe we ought to make Church a more Jesus-focused place, and less about pointing to sin.  After reading Anonymous Bishop's post about the gays, I will say that my heart was blown to pieces, but now I wonder if I've gained some bandaging.  All I can do is thank Jesus for offering me some mild confidence in my answers.  I believe my turmoil with the Boy Scouts, and also the Church, is more over their fiscal choices on belt loops and certifications, rather than their flip-flopping over how to handle homosexuality.  There are less expensive ways to instill positive values in boys.  Look at what we do (or did) for the Young Women.

(Photo source, thanks Vintage Kids Stuff!)

Can we not duplicate that for the boys, gender appropriate?  I remember as a young girl, I couldn't wait to get to Girl's Camp to be like my big sisters.  And the most they earned, after 4 years of camp, was a neckerchief with one patch, and two patches if they completed another 2 years and became a "Summiteer".  (Although truth be told, there was more variety in patches throughout the history of the program.)  We ought to sincerely consider our participation in extravagances where such funds really could be providing for those who are "roughing it" on a more permanent basis. 

Thank you, Jesus, for providing me a measure of clarity.  I hope I'm listening to the right Spirit in this view.  It feels much better, and much more loving, patient, and kind than the one which ostracizes.  As for whether or not my son will attend his first scout camp this next month, the jury's still out.   

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