Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm Sorry for Being a Half-Assed Friend

I'm not sure that there's any other way to put it.

To Joseph,

I'm sorry for being a half-assed friend half my life.  I believed I was pretty loyal to you, and pretty supportive of your role and mission.  I always felt a strong connection with your testimony and experiences.  I even related to your home life in the country in the beautiful northeast.  But I'm sorry I only knew half of it.

I acted like just because I related to your story, that I honestly had a clue about half of what you taught.  I'm sorry that I only took things as they were fed to me, and neglected what you were really about.  It apparently was quite concealed for many years, but I should have been more valiant in respecting the whole story.  I'm sorry for not caring to get myself a copy of the Lectures on Faith until a few years ago.  I'm sorry for not being more stalwart in your defense when friends drag your name through the mud.  I look forward to the unclear history being sorted out in full, not just in part.  I'm sorry for being a half-assed friend.  I hope as things continue to unfold, that I'm not speaking in ignorance.  But I really regret being a friend in name only.

I also hope that moving forward, I respect your request to not put so much trust in you and your experiences, but I hope I can grow in my own relationship with God.  I will try to remember that you were human.  I pray God will grant me discernment to know which of your words are accurate, and which have been tainted by men.  I'd also like to know which revelations were true to begin with, and will attempt to not be darkened in my mind by assuming that because you received them, that I have no need to verify them by God.  You warned me of that, clearly.  You cannot help it if I act in ignorance.  You certainly tried very hard to share as much as you could.

I will try to be a better friend.  I love that you gave so much of yourself and sacrificed so much for us to have the information you passed along.  You truly gave a lot, as well as your family.  I can't even imagine doing that myself, and am so grateful to you and your family.  Truly.  

With love, to you, Emma, and the rest,


  1. Thank you Jen. I have been that same kind of friend to him as well.

    1. Thanks Sally. I am hoping one day at a time I can remedy it. <3


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