Friday, August 21, 2015

The Floor is Falling

Tonight I was reminded of a dream I had a few weeks ago.  I attempted to share it then, but felt restrained from sharing.  The timing now feels appropriate.

My parents own a home in a neighboring town which my mother, grandmother, and family has lived in for generations.  It is over 100 years old, and one of the oldest homes in the town.  It is small, two story, and according to my dad, was made by laying wood board by board, without studs in the wall, with plaster and lathe.  He described one point years ago, where he picked up the linoleum in the kitchen and there was a dime sized hole.  Upon returning to repair it, the hole had spread and he ended up needing to repair quite a bit more.  The home is old, but miraculously holds up despite years of renters and change.  My dad is a master repairman.  Truly a "Jack of all Trades".

In the dream, I began by entering in the main floor, at an entrance which, as in most dreams, is not where it currently is in real life.  I entered this main floor, and spent some time there.  After playing with friends (I felt like a child), I climbed up a stairway which went to my right (I was facing eastward), then turned to the left halfway up.  Upon arriving on the second floor, I noticed that the only steady and safe ground on the flooring was right at the top of the steps.

Realizing this, I clung to the solid area of floor, as if it would save me.  My family and friends were enjoying some sort of party on the second floor, and although the floor was literally beginning to droop beneath their feet, they did not notice, and continued to eat and drink and enjoy the music.  I kept calling out to them, "Don't you see the floor is falling?!  Don't you feel it falling???!"  They all seemed to say, "No, it's just fine!" and carried on with their fiesta.

Fortunately, and typical of most dreams, I woke up before anything else happened.  The floor around the stairway did seem to sink at least 6-8".  I woke up troubled, as I knew the interpretation.

The floor is falling.

This photo is one I took tonight after painting a kitchen wall in the home tonight.  This is exactly where I was in my dream, although the center of the floor is where the stairs came up in my dream, and I was looking from the opposite corner.  The floor literally is sinking as the house settles at the corners of the structure.  But that's not where I'm going with this.

A house not built upon a Rock is not steady.  It is NOT sure.  It is NOT safe.  And the floors ARE falling.  Even though everyone around you might be eating, drinking, and playing merry, there is ONE sure foundation, and we must cling to the Rock, whereupon if men build they will not fall.  Because the floor is currently falling.  Eat, drink, be merry, and feel free to marginalize me if it helps you sleep better.  But be warned.  It is falling.

Is your home built upon the Rock?  I can say with certainty that feeling your world fall around you is not an enjoyable feeling.  But falling with it would be worse.  Please don't fall with it.

I write this because I LOVE you, and I hope this helps someone out there reading.  Please find the Rock, and build upon Him, even Christ Jesus.  When my heart began pounding tonight as my dream returned to my recollection, and fear literally overtook me, calling out to Him again and again was the only thing to bring me calm.  It only took a minute or so before the Blessed Peace was there.  May He be the One to bring you Calm in the days ahead.

With fullness of LOVE,

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