Sunday, November 29, 2015


Recently I finished reading the book of Genesis for the first time.  Previous attempts were met with stalling around chapter 11.  For this recent success, I utilized a version which was translated from Hebrew manuscripts, and the words Lord and God were replaced with Hebrew characters to be more specific.  It helped quell some confusion.

Some questions that came to mind:

  • What was Adam's biggest priority?  
  • What was the commandment given to Adam and Eve? 
  • Is the doctrine of following a prophet present in Genesis?
  • Is there any current, modern doctrine found in Genesis?
  • Who really belongs to the House of Isra'el?
  • Where did Eve's name come from? 
  • Why was Joseph so preferred over the other children?  
  • Why couldn't Pharoah interpret his own dream?  Why was Joseph needed?
  • Why did King James need to change all the names to English, rather than keeping the transliterated versions as made available in this translation? 
  • Why did King James omit YHWH's name, and replace it all with LORD or GOD?  
  • Why is it not called Bereshith in the KJV, the standard bible in most churches these days?
  • What language do you suppose Adam and Eve spoke in the garden?  Do you suppose they spoke the same language after they departed?  Do you suppose their language remains on the earth?  Do you suppose this language would be important to learn, if so?  Or do you suppose the language was taken from the earth at the time of the tower?  
I don't expect answers, yet asking questions sometimes unravels some of the most beautiful mysteries.  By the way, the word for "mysteries" in this edition is replaced with "secrets".  YHWH loves to reveal His secrets to those who seek answers.  However it is interesting that the secrets are best kept that way by the general disinterest of the people. 

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