Friday, December 11, 2015


Yesterday my mother asked me why people chose Satan's plan.  She couldn't comprehend why so many would follow him.  It's easy.

You never fail with Satan.  He controls all the outcomes, not one soul is lost.  Everything is neat and tidy.  Just like in the movie, The Giver, everything is just perfect.  Follow all the rules, per force.  Do it, or else, and all will be "good".

This appeals to a lot of people.  Despite choosing Christ and Father's plan, we have millions of people who are content to lead lives of complete control, manipulation, and coercion of others.  They make demands, whether implicitly or subversively, of all those around them.  They voluntell people what to do.  But yet they have no idea that they are seeking to control another human soul, and to suggest such would cause complete confusion in them.

"Me?  You're saying I am controlling?  Bah!  Horse feathers!"    

There are very few things that draw out the wrath in me like another human soul telling me what to do.  I hate it beyond measure.  And when I say wrath, I mean absolute cursing, throwing, wrath of God type anger.  Should this world choose to enslave all its inhabitants, I would rather die than be a slave to an unconscionable soul, or even a righteous one.  I want freedom.  

I'm done with Satan's control.  Time to wake up, world.  Control freaks.  Wake up.  You're following the devil.


  1. Thank you for this post. I came into this world with wanting my freedom/agency. I have never liked being told what to do. I'm fine with obeying the Lord and what he asks me to do. But anyone else, nope. I made for a really fun child for my parents. I was called a "strong-willed child".


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