Saturday, January 30, 2016

Choice & Accountability

Choice and Accountability. 

As a teenager I learned frequently that I am responsible for my own choices. Not my parents' choices, friends' choices, my choices. Not the government's choices, not my school's choices, not my church's choices. If I disagree with their choices, I get to choose how to respond or react, but I cannot control the reaction of others to my choices. I am accountable for my actions and my reactions. 

I cannot hold others responsible for my choices, although they may certainly influence me.  Should my associations persecute me and cause me to hate my life, it is I who is responsible for how I react to their treatment.  

I cannot blame the world for my choices, actions, or lack of actions. I can only blame them for how they act upon me and my circumstances.  

Agency at all costs. 

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