Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Birth Day Risen Resurrection Holy Day

A few days ago some friends shared this with me.  I don't understand half of what's being shared, but it appears that this Easter Sabbath is an extra noteworthy one.  Last year we celebrated Passover and honored Easter in an uber low key way.  This year we're celebrating it (Easter) in full, in light of it being a momentous occasion.  I felt this article taught me a lot.

Also, the last two days we attended various worship services that we had been invited to.  One was a Maundy Thursday service, and the next was a Tenebrae service.  Both included performers singing this song.  I love it so much I think it's worth sharing.  Man of Sorrows, by Shane and Shane.

Perhaps you've heard this song before, but I'm pretty new to Christian Contemporary music, so this one is completely new to me.  Being raised LDS we avoided songs which praise the cross as an idol.  So that part made/makes me a little uncomfortable and in most cases I usually just replace the word cross with His name, but regardless of our thoughts on that part, it's a really, really beautiful song of praise, wholly appropriate for this fabulous weekend.  Listen to it twice and I can guess you'll have trouble getting it out of your heart and mind for awhile.

Happy Resurrection Birth Day Sabbath!  

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