Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One with Authority

Recently I was led to read this verse:

"And now, if I have no authority for these things, judge ye; for ye shall know that I have authority when ye shall see me, and we shall stand before God at the last day.  Amen." - Ether 5:6
This verse comes at the tail end of a very short interlude in Ether, where Moroni throws in some few instructions regarding the plates.  Being led to read this verse outside of any other verse, it was compelling.  He testifies to me, the reader, that I will stand before God at the last day with him, and I will see him, and I will recognize by sight that this man has authority.  Not feigned authority, nor solely supposed authority.  Not just a signature or legal document of such as we do for government and legal affairs.  But real authority, meaning there is something powerful he holds and has received from one worthy to give such authority, which gives him jurisdiction to speak these things and have the words mean something.  Just as the elements honor God's authority, this authority will likewise be honored by the elements which abide by the laws of Truth that govern the universe.

It reminded me of a testimony shared by Matthew Crockett on his blog, in the 4-5th full paragraph (with multiple sentences) from the bottom of the page.

If I'm not mistaken, it appears to me that these figures from the Book of Mormon have stepped into increasing relevance.  The curse which was laid unto the 3rd and 4th generation from Joseph's time has begun to be cleared.  The readers who have slept and are willing to wake up are being awoken, and these men (and women, we must suppose) are stepping into the forefront, or perhaps they are simply being observed more frequently.  I can't say what is going on for sure, beyond to witness that I believe this is true.  They testify of the authority which they have been given, and we will likely see and hear more of them in the coming days, and at very least all readers will stand before God and Moroni at the last day, whenever that might be.  As one of my favorite college professors used to say, "Buckle your seatbelts!"  This should be fun! :) 

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