Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Lundbergs vs Peggy Fletcher Stack

I'd like to share an amalgamation of posts, one of which has lit some coals back on fire this week.  If you choose to read one and comment, please don't neglect the others so you can get the whole picture.

The awesome view of Gary and Joy Lundberg, promoted via LDS owned LDS Mag, found here.  This one was so good I was ready to flex my muscles and throw my chair across the room.

Versus the ever annoying antagonist, Peggy Fletcher Stack article, found here.

My vote: come out and dish the truth. Do it all at once, everything you can squash into a weekend of General Conference. Stop sugar coating everything and stop letting the people who don't "sustain" this be sent to their Stake Presidents to reveal their concerns. Stop tearing families apart because some can't handle your dishonesty in your manuals while others have been trained to follow the manual at all costs, even dividing their families. Do it all together and make sure as many hear it as possible so you don't have members fighting with one another in class, or 75 year old widows scolding 37 year old moms in the hall because they say a comment about these things in class that the elder has not read!  Just be honest! Or like the second article says, in 2-3 years you'll have way too many young people leaving the church, either to fully discover God without a middle man, or to turn away from what you've made him to be altogether.


  1. I have to say it's because I was faithful to those eight things that caused me to see problems with the church's narrative. It's a pretty dangerous thing for the church to do, to ask members to take the Book of Mormon seriously.

  2. Regarding the second article, I think and honest and open approach is best as you state even though there are historical problems and inaccuracies with the essays themselves.


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