Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lambs and Doves

In 2 Nephi 13 (Simple Copy), Nephi says – and I take liberty in likening it in form of a poem for deeper analysis – and items in parenthesis are added by myself:

And now if the Lamb of God 

he being holy
should have need 
to be baptized 
by water 
to fulfil all righteousness 
then how much more need 
have we 
being unholy 
to be baptized 
even by water 

And now 
I would ask of you 
my beloved brethren 
wherein the Lamb 
of God did fulfil 
all righteousness 
in be(-)ing 
baptized by water 
Know you not 

he was holy 


notwithstanding he being holy 
he shows 
unto the children 
of men 

that according to the flesh he humbles himself 
before the Father 
and witnesses 
unto the Father 


he would be obedient 
unto him 
in keeping his commandments 



he was baptized with water 
the Holy Ghost descended upon him 
in the form of a dove 

And again 
It shows unto the children 
of men 
the straightness 
of the path 
and the narrowness 
of the gate 
by which they should enter 

he having set the example before them 
And he said unto the children 
of men 
follow you me 


my beloved brethren 

can we follow 

save we will be willing 
to keep the commandments of the Father 

And the father said 

repent you repent you (YOU REPENT!  YOU REPENT!!!)

and be baptized 
in the name of 
beloved Son 

And also 

the voice of the Son came 

unto me saying 
that is baptized in my name 
to him 
will the father give 
the holy Ghost 
unto me 

wherefore follow me 
and do the things 
which you have seen me do 


my beloved brethren 

I know that if you 
will follow the Son 
with full purpose of heart 
acting no hypocrisy and 
no deception before God 
but with real intent 
repenting of your sins 
witnessing unto the Father 
that you are willing 
to take upon you the name of Christ 
by baptism yes 
by following your Lord and your Savior down into the water according to his word 
behold then 
will you receive the holy Ghost 
yes then 
comes the baptism of fire 
and of the Holy Ghost 

and then
can you speak 
with the tongue of angels 
and shout 
praises unto the Holy One of Israel(!)

As an aside: 

Nephi is well aware of Christ's given name.  He refers to the Lamb of God several times in chapter 13.  He also references the dove.  He also references the voice of the Father.  If Christ is both described and named as the Lamb, the Holy Ghost is as a dove, what do you suppose the Father may be likened to? 

Phases of a New Dispensation

I am always open to self-introspection, and self-examination.  As I have identified myself in the past few years to be a part of the "LDS Remnant" movement, constant examination of what is going on within myself and without in the greater movement it is critical.  If one believes they are on a straight and narrow path, examining the compass is ALWAYS welcome, in my opinion.

What follows is a copy of a piece I was invited to share anonymously from a small fellowship which desires their identity to remain private.  I believe it valuable for introspection and examination.  If false, it could be disregarded.  If true, it could be used to re-align the compass.

Note: this is part of a larger document which may provide added insight into reasons why these items were included here.  Readers may leave a comment should they be desire to be connected with the authors. :)

Phases of A New Dispensation

  • Phase 1: The Second Comforter
    • Began with his book The Second Comforter, published in 2006
  • Phase 2: Remembering the Covenant
    • Noted by: "Still not getting it, still need help."
    • Began with his blog. Ended before 40YIM with A Sign, though the blog continued for two more years, almost exactly, lasting six months after the last 40YIM talk.
    • Ended with A Sign and the next post was an announcement publishing a 5 volumes series of Blog. The Fifth volume ends with A Sign.
    • Started 2/2010 (blog start date)
    • Ended 3/2013 (blog titled A Sign. Blog continues for two more years)
  • Phase 3: Forty Years in Mormonism
    • Noted by: 40 Years in Mormonism talks
    • These talks contained a mix of "get your own" and setting up a non-legal organization, loose fellowships with rules on how to act in those fellowships so there would be some order (public vs. private). For example, authority was only to be had between the individual and the Lord. Authority to act in the fellowship required a vote.
    • Announcement of an eventual temple.
    • Forty years was a condemnation given to Israel until the current generation died off. On 4/2017 Denver posted a scripture that referenced the number 10. "Because all those men which have seen my glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now these ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice; Surely they shall not see the land which I sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of them that provoked me see it."
    • Started 9/2013 (first talk)
    • Ended 9/2014 (last talk)
  • Phase 4: Suffering an Idolatrous People
    • Creation of (3/2015). His first real post and action on the site was to nominate a recorder.
    • Recorder’s Clearing house and objections are raised to Keith using the official site/logo to promote his opinions. (4/2015)
    • Adrian Larsen’s logo. (9/2015)
    • Claimed that “Moses” gave the higher law and now we are getting something lesser. Noted by Why a Temple blog post where he states temples are a mercy for those who can’t “obtain the covenant” on their own. (4/2016)
    • Claimed by some that there is an effort to “overthrow the doctrine of Christ” by adding requirements for salvation.
    • Announcement of scriptures as a covenant and that those who make a covenant should be allowed to depart those who didn’t. (3/2017)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Phoenix Dream

A few months ago, I had a dream, where I was heading to attend a conference in Phoenix.  I had driven thousands of miles from home, to attend a conference, where members of the LDS Remnant group were gathering.  Driving in a caravan of white vans, we were led into a sports complex, where there was a covered building where these friends were gathering.  I entered the building, and there were ladies of the Remnant Relief Society, who were gathered and sitting at tables, crocheting or crafting small spinner crafts made with paper and craft sticks.  Walking close to a round table of ladies, I observed over the shoulders of those who had already arrived earlier than I had, and tried to gather, through context clues, what they were making, and how to make my own.  I watched and watched, but couldn't quite gather all the details.

Realizing I'd have to make a gamble on my own, I sat down at a table, where a few other women were seating, working on their projects.  Beginning my own craft, I picked up the paper and craft sticks and glue, and started focusing on my work.  I sat in frustration, knowing I should ask for help, but also knowing it was the nature of the individuals in this group to censure one another when new people didn't understand the way.  And not that I was new and ignorant, I just didn't have all the instruction that they had received, due to arriving later to the gathering.  After sitting for what felt like 15 minutes, I dared to look up to the lady next to me, and ask her for some help.  But I knew I shouldn't have.

Immediately she furrowed her eyebrows, scolding me with her eyes.  Then her lips.

"If you needed help you should have asked long ago!  You've been here for 15 minutes already!"  Her insults didn't stop, even though her lips did, as I knew what she was thinking as she stood up and walked away behind me.

I heard a voice whisper to my right ear, from someone different.  Not understanding it, I turned my head to the right in hopes to hear better.  I asked, "What?"  The message was repeated, with hands covering the individual's mouth, so only I would hear.  But again, I didn't understand it.  Still with my head to the right, I said, "I'm really sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.  Can you say it again please?"

The third time the woman spoke to me, and I understood.  She told me, through the back of my head somehow, to "Look up to the hands that hang/come/reach down."  I am unsure if I saw hands reaching down through the clouds, or just knew they were there, but the image is emblazoned in my memory.  I knew she was an angel at this point.  

This is my report of the dream from February, 2017.