Sunday, April 29, 2018

Approaching the Throne of God

Below are 10 things one MUST consider before approaching the holy throne of God.

1. Location.  Are you in the church, the temple, or a serene setting like a home or sacred space that has been properly prepared for you with reverence and serenity?
2. Modest dress.  Are your shoulders and knees covered sufficiently to not cause embarrassment or shame before the Lord? 
3. Grooming.  Men, are you properly shaven and hair combed and parted on the side?  No improper hair coloring or extreme cuts?  Women, is your head covered at least with hair, and perhaps even a veil, head doily, bonnet, headband, or other covering? 
4. Music.  Have you prepared the visit by singing or playing at least 3 hymns on your electronic device or instrument?
5. Scriptures.  Did you take time to study at least a handful of scriptures before approaching the throne?
6. Home.  Is your home cleanly, allowing you to properly focus on parting the veil?
7. White.  Are you not wearing any dark colors, which might invoke an improper spirit?
8. Kneeling.  Are you kneeling properly, with your knees on the floor, and not sitting on your haunches? If you're in a temple, are you properly NOT kneeling, as that would cause disruption, distraction, and feelings of disrespect in or toward others?
9. Arms.  Have you ensured that your arms are properly folded across your bosom, not causing distraction to yourself or others who might be with you by their flailing around?
10. Words.  Are you comfortable using the proper prayer language, beginning with addressing your Holy Father by name, followed by thanks, then asking what you came for, and closing in-the-name-of-Jesus-Christ-Amen? 

These are all certainly things one needs to take into account before beginning to approach the Lord. 

Or they could just talk to Him in the car during heavy traffic. 

Or while lying in bed, drifting off to sleep. 

How about while sitting cross-legged on a park bench eating lunch. 

They could wear jeans and a ratty t-shirt.

One could have their arms overhead, and be hanging upside down on a gymnasium bar in workout gear.

Can we call out in prayer to our Lord in our fields, our closets, our workspaces, our dinner tables, our backyards, our garages, schools, and bathrooms?  Or must we restrict ourselves to proper attire, proper form, and proper words? 

I don't think the Lord cares.  While this post might come off as mocking satire, that's not the intent.  There are religious individuals who feel very strongly about these details, and while I mean no disrespect to them, I do mean to question the importance of these rules and regulations they've interpreted.  If we can get past the formalities, I think we might discover the Lord in our everyday lives so much more.  These ideas are common beliefs that very well have the power to prevent us from allowing the Lord more fully into our lives.  I pray to dispel them from mine, making it ever easier to approach the throne. 

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