Monday, July 16, 2018

The Bible: a Set Apart Compilation of Books

What is the Bible? 

A holy (holy means "set apart") 
compilation (compilation means "putting together")
of books (books being a set of thoughts, ideas and stories). 

Who decided what went into the Bible, the holy compilation of books?  Do we know anything about the individuals who compiled it? 

Christians view the Bible as complete, inerrant, and perfect.  Is that true?  Let's examine this idea, just briefly. 

What was it about this compilation that caused it to be "set apart"?  Was it simply a decision made, by the individuals compiling it? What power did they have?  Were they gifted with heavenly power? 

Did the reader's honoring of it give it increased power to be set apart?  Did the continuous reverence toward it as a sanctified (made holy) thing create it to be more power-filled? 

What if the holy-ness of the Bible is a man made thing?  What if we stretch our minds a little, and suppose that the level of holy thoughts, holy ideas, and holy stories has no end?  What if the Bible really extends to the vastness of time and eternity, and the life forms put on the planet? 

What if you are a living "bible", a holy set of thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences, and what if you are as unique and qualified to be important as Jacob, Isaac, Noah, Paul, Joseph or the rest?  Naomi, Ruth, Mary, Eve... what if your story is equally as important?  What would you do with your life?  What would you do with your opinions?  Your thoughts, ideas, and stories? 

Today I believe that God instilled an idea in my mind, that we all are part of the Bible.  Our story has simply not been published yet, and in time, who knows but what our story will mean to someone down the road.