Friday, September 14, 2018

Know it All

What an amazing time to be alive!

For context of this post, watch a few dozen seconds of the video here.

So much information right at our fingertips. So much false information easily debunked, and the replacement then quickly debunked, and debunked, and debunked. It's almost too much to sort out sometimes. 

A friend told me years ago to "hold all revelation (information) loosely", and what wise advice that has been. When you claim humility and openness to more truth, you're able to receive more. To claim pride and know it all already, there's no room for more. 

Only recently we could see that inside an atom were protons, neutrons, and electrons, and we trust that super-powered instruments were and are telling us the truth. But the truth is, we're only told that, by people we "trust" to be honest.  Are they honest?  Can you name who discovered the quark?  Who named it?  

Only recently do we hear of people re-doubting the heliocentric model of the universe, reverting to previous theories of a flat model. How can anyone claim to know it all? 

Setting down stakes for truth only proves ignorance, because you can see an individual quark no more than I can see the outermost star.  But in truth, you can see a quark, as it supposedly makes up everything around you.  

To claim to know God, based on old books, or to have searched the universe and not found God anywhere and assert God is no were to be found are just two sides of the same coin. 

Now, to believe, that's where the marvel, awe and wonder are found, because it allows for revelation of MORE, whether it supports or refutes the claim. 

But to make a decision only asserts you know it all, and none of us do, unless we have our own evidence and personal witness.  

Lack of tangible evidence does not mean something does not exist, just as I have no evidence of the presence of atoms, quarks, and whatever else is smaller than a quark.  Must I believe your witness?  Or some unknown scientist?  Not all evidence must be tangible, as I can assert I ate chicken salad last year for lunch, but can't prove it to someone any more than you can prove to me whether or not you stopped at a red light this morning.  I can't prove to you how a cell phone works on invisible connections, but it works.  Sometimes our evidence IS invisible.  That doesn't mean it does not exist. 

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