Saturday, December 28, 2019

My Wish for Today is to Archive the Blog

I wish to archive this blog.  So much has happened, I wish to start afresh.

I don't feel like the words on these pages accurately reflect where I am right now.  They reflect where I was several years ago.  It always seems like there is a major shift going on.  That's a good thing, because I guess it means we are progressing!  We, meaning I.

Blogger doesn't give me the option to "archive" all my posts.  I wish I could.

The last many months I have felt no inclination to write my thoughts publicly.  It's been a great time for quiet and pondering on things.  I'm ready to speak again, but should anyone read what's here, I don't think past posts are an accurate reflection of where I am.  But they do let you see into the past and where my thoughts took me.

This whole post has repeated itself twice.

Twice I've been nudged by Holy Spirit (when I say that, I mean an unseen power that draws things to my attention - you may mean something else when you read or think of HS, but that's what I mean in this instance) to share things I'm learning.

My objection to HS is that there is so much pressure and antagonism on the internet.  I don't feel like sharing anything for people to bicker over my words.  My words are imperfect and never - ever - an exact replication of what I'm trying to say.  They are the best guess, best crap shoot, best attempt that my physical body and mind have at expressing the ideas in my head.  Words are corrupted.

But since HS is nudging me, I'm going to try again to express myself.  And ask for grace - meaning forgiveness and forbearance - when I use the wrong words.  And as always, I reserve the right to be wrong, change my mind, or move in a different direction.  This is where I am, for NOW.  

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  1. Wonderful! 🙂I do miss being able to click on other blogs. You were my one stop for them. 😉😅LOL.


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