Friday, May 1, 2020

A call again to increase in love

It seems I'm receiving messages, each night around 11:00.  I'm hesitant to share because I'm just now realizing what is going on.  If this doesn't resonate for you, that means it's not meant for you.  Kindly scroll along.  I'm not sharing this to make anyone happy, but only because I feel I am being asked to share, almost on a nightly basis.  So I'm going to post when asked to.  I don't care if you disagree, I only care that whoever needs this gets to hear it.  You get to decide if that's you.   

I observe that we are in the middle of an intense spiritual battle.  It comes in waves, more intense every week.  I observe this on Tuesdays, for the last several weeks.  Ask any sensitive, mystic, prophetic psychic type to look back over the last month.  How have Tuesdays been for them?  

It is often debilitating.  Sometimes (rarely though) it's joy, and sometimes it's an intenseness that they don't dare put into words for fear of retribution from the closed minded or spiritually asleep.  Sometimes it's a literal headache, feeling like there is so much energy at the head that they might explode.  Sometimes they can explain it scientifically by referring to Schumann Resonance or satellites showing interstellar data.  Sometimes there is no correlation.  But usually no one really cares about what they're feeling.  But that doesn't make it not true.   

The call again is to INCREASE in LOVE.  I was reminded of my dream in February, 2016, and asked to share the message again.  You, me, anyone who wishes to survive the coming days, must increase in love.  This is not your stereotypical love, mushy love, romantic love, or anything trite or religious.  This is not tolerance of evil, or acceptance of the status quo.  This is core-of-being love, that purges and heals darkness from within.  I don't know what else to say, beyond if you cannot feel love, beg for it.  The burning will get more intense as He comes closer, and love is the only remedy.