The Book of Mormon

As I was reading my copy of the Book of Mormon, I realized that there may be some readers of my site who have no real idea what the Book of Mormon is.  In a lot of churches, I know they teach that Mormons replace the Holy Bible with the Book of Mormon.  That is simply not the case, and is false information.  I appreciate you reading my words to explain what it is.

The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  In 1820, a young boy who lived in northern New York state (United States) was inquiring among the many churches in his area, which to join.  This was an exciting time in the United States, because after the war of 1812, freedoms which had been somewhat established after the Revolutionary War became more fully established.  (Prior to 1812, anyone who set up a church could tax the people in the surrounding areas, regardless of whether or not they attended that church.)  People could put their money where their mouth was, without fear of fine or punishment for not paying taxes to the local church clergy.  (This info is taken from James Simmons' book, Original Fast Foods.)  Due to these recent changes in government, many churches were springing up, and it was a time of "enlightenment".

The young boy I referenced was Joseph Smith, Jr.  He was 14 years old, and was equally eager to learn about God.  He attended many of the local churches, and it is interesting to note that his town of Palmyra, New York, is the only church (to my knowledge) which has four different churches of distinct denominations on each corner of the town square.  As churches do, each intended to draw new members, and Joseph was seeking which he should align himself to.

You can read more of Joseph's story here.  In essence, Joseph decided to follow as James of the Bible instructs:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. (James 1: 5-6)
Joseph did in fact, ask God, and God did, in fact, give him a liberal, unupbraided answer.  I highly encourage anyone to read Joseph's account.  (It's available in other languages too.)  Through this experience, Joseph grew as a prophet, like Abraham, Moses, Noah, and other prophets of history.  Through this experience, he was led to unearth and later translate plates of metal (brass and gold) which were buried in a hill near his home.  These plates contained the record of people who lived in the Americas, anciently, and is where the Book of Mormon was translated from.

While this book is by no means meant to replace the Bible, it was written, edited, and passed down by prophets, who were blessed and inspired by God to see our day.  It is written primarily for us, with application which fits our time.  The Bible is awesome, and I love it, and am grateful for it.  It was translated by inspired men, yes, but some parts were not translated as carefully, which leads to much confusion.  The Book of Mormon, as an added witness for Christ, clears up that confusion.  And since it was specifically written for us – for me – I especially enjoy reading it and sharing my thoughts with you, so that hopefully you too will feel an added interest in finding your own joys through it.  Ultimately, my hope is that you won't only find joys, but that you will find God, and come to know the Redeemer of the world, His Father, and come to feel the Holy Ghost change you on a daily basis.  That is the goal of the Book of Mormon, and that is also my goal in sharing my thoughts and insights on it with you. 


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